Thursday 7 June 2012

We didn't take this one!

I won't be blogging for a couple of days, as Real Life is going to be claiming my time, real people, real places, real conversations, I'll tell you all about it when I get back.  In the meantime, I am leaving you with a picture from the Jubilee weekend that Mr Letters From Home didn't take, as unfortunately we don't own a world war two war plane,or in fact any other kind of plane, now I come to think of it! 

Breathtaking: The view of Buckingham Palace and The Mall beyond from the Lancaster bomber
(Google images)

This is a fantastic shot, taken from a Lancaster Bomber as it flew over London, showing Buckingham Palace and the long snake of hundreds of thousands of people filling the Mall on Tuesday afternoon.  The dark circle in the middle is a solid body of hundreds of thousands of people.  You can also see the London Eye in the background, which I've been on a few times.

Have a great weekend!


magsmcc said...

Gosh bon weekend to you too- I hope it will be a relaxing and real one after all this exciting Royal spotting! Thanks for the amazing photos!!

foreveryoung said...

Just joined your site. You obviously had an amazing time. It makes such a difference 'being there'. We just sat down for two days in front of the box. We do know someone who was in the Pageant though, but couldn't see her in that wonderful melee of boats. Great photos. Thank you. Ann x

Jayne said...

Thank you both,

magsmcc - I can't find your blog, I'd love to learn more about you,

foreveroung, I do hope your husband is feeling very much better now.

catkin tales said...

wow.. what a fabulous image! i must (if you don't mind) show this to my brother, he is mad about these planes. we lived near biggin hill when we were young.
i am enjoying your posts :)

Jayne said...

Just had a look at your blog catkin tales, very pretty, I used to live in Paris, so your pics made me feel a little homesick for that wonderful city.

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