Sunday 26 February 2012

Book Talk

I have been reading a brilliant little book over the past few days, it was an early Mother's Day gift from my beautiful and generous daughter (who knows what her Mum likes!)

It is called 'Stop What You're Doing and Read This!'

Product Details

It contains ten essays by writers such as Jeanette Winterson, Zadie Smith etc. about the experience of reading, why access to books should never be taken for granted, how reading transforms our brains, and how literature can save lives. In any 24 hours there are so many demands on our time and attention - and we are encouraged to make books one of them.

Here is an extract from the essay by Jeanette Winterson, one of my all time favourite authors.  

"To cross the threshold of a book is to make a journey in total time.  I don't think of reading as leisure time or wasted time and especially not as downtime.  The total time of a book is more like uptime than downtime, in the way that salmon seim upstream to get home.

We have lost all sense of home - whether it's the natural world, our only planet, or our bodies, now sites of anxiety and dissatisfaction, or our scrabble for property in vast alienated cities where few can afford safety, peace, quiet, even a garden.

How can a book get me home?  It reminds me of where home is, by which I mean I am remapped by the book.  My internal geography shifts, my values shift.  I remember myself, my world, my body, who I am."

I might quote a bit more from this book on another day, I love it so much.  It reminds me why I need to read, and what reading does for us, how it changes us.  

There is also a very enlightening essay by Jane Davis of The Reader Organisation.  She initiates projects to get people reading aloud together.  She says:

"Read a poem alone and you have your own experience and imagination to touch the poem into life.  Read it with six others and you have six lives and six imaginations with which to inhabit this flexible human-shaped space."

I could go on and on, so I will restrain myself now and say buy the book, or better still, hope a loved one will treat you to it!

Saturday 18 February 2012


Last night, Mr LFH and I went to see Carnage at Warwick Arts Centre.  It was a really good film, starring Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet, directed by Roman Polanski.

Here is a video trailer.................

After the film, we went to the Mead Gallery, and saw a marvellous exhibition of modern art called The Indiscipline of Painting.  There was some brilliant art by Bridget Riley and Andy Warhol.  My personal favourite was a huge canvas by John Armleder, full of glittery drips, very similar to this work of his.......

The gallery holds a weekly knit, crochet and stitch group, and on one wall there were framed pieces of knitting that the group had created in response to the exhibition, like modern art in knitted form!  Here is an example of their work..........................

I found it very interesting, although it would be a bit too far for me to drive to every week.

Today, we are chilling out.  A big casserole is bubbling happily away in the slow cooker for tonight - pork and white wine casserole, based on Jamie Oliver's casserole recipe in Ministry of Food.  

I hope you are having a good weekend.

Friday 17 February 2012

Technical hitch

I've just deleted my last post because sometimes the pics loaded and sometimes they didn't!

Instead here is a pic of me with my beautiful granddaughter when she came to call recently!

She has her granny's hair colour, hahaha, except Poppy's is natural!

Have a lovely day

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Been feeling a bit under the weather this week, and wondering what to do with myself, until I read Tina's blog, and there I found my prescription - I need flapjacks and knitting!  She also gives a recipe for flapjacks here in lovely ounces, I avoid grams whenever possible!

We had such a wonderful holiday for our anniversary, we stayed here...

Holme Lacy House Hotel, deep in the Herefordshire countryside.  It is every bit as wonderful as it looks, and the food was amazing, beautifully stacked little piles of delicious morsels, with three courses every evening, plus coffee and petit four, and a full English breakfast every morning.  I'm really going to have to get back to regular walking every day to work off all that delicious food!

We did take some pictures, and when I am firing on all cylinders again I'll add them.  

Hope you're all having a good day.
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