Tuesday 29 March 2011

I'm still here!

I had no idea I would be away so long - I would have warned you!  But I have still enjoyed reading all your lovely blogs.  My working week has been gradually growing over the term, but thankfully I break up for Easter on Thursday - yay!

I have big plans for the hols, which mainly involve crocheting my spring blanket, which is growing apace -  more news and pics on that later, some knitting, and tidying up the front garden.  I've taken some 'before' pics which I'll put up when I have some 'after' pics, but to get the after pics I actually have to tidy up the garden!!!

I suppose I could get a pic of Kew Gardens from google as my after pic, but I know my clever readers won't be fooled so easily.

Here's a wonderful Christian resource to look up that I regularly enjoy: 

As this Sunday is Mothers' Day in the UK, I will have the immense pleasure of having all my children here at home for the weekend, which I am so deleriously happy about!  It's so wonderful when we are all together.  Our children have always been very close, so it's lovely as parents to see them having fun together, and to hear them upstairs having a laugh together.  Very grateful to lovely son-in-love for sparing our daughter for the weekend.  He's an excellent cook, so at least we know he won't starve without his wife!  Hope you all have a good weekend, whatever you do.

Anyway, I've had a loooong day, so my bed calls, I'll be back soon!
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