Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thank you

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who responded yesterday.  So often, when I am unsure about anything, or if I am feeling upset, I will 'disappear', which in the virtual world means I stop blogging!  But I decided yesterday to take a different approach and to share what is happening, and to see if anyone sheds fresh light on the situation - and you most certainly did!

Elizabeth, your blog is so beautiful, and you are right, things are not getting any cheaper, so we all need to be more savvy.

Pom Pom,  Thank you for your positive attitude!  This is how I feel too!  There is plenty to do at home, I love pottering about.  I hope your new dishwasher is NOT a lemon!

Jane and Chris, It's the simple life for me!

Susan  You also helped me to see the positive side of the situation, there are at least two ways of seeing everything, the secret is in choosing the right perspective.

Tina,  As always, you are a big encouragement, always there, with just the right word.

I have a wall-hanging in my kitchen, given to me by a good friend which says: "Friends are much cheaper than a psychiatrist."  I can vouch for that, and they are a lot more fun too, and that includes virtual friends.

So thank you everybody, that is exactly what I needed to hear.  I feel that I need to be doing a bit less, but that was also mixed with a tinge of worry, but I can see clearly now that this is a good opportunity to get my work/life balance a little bit more manageable.  Less stress, more knitting, baking, veggie-growing, more...............watch this space!


Mrs Tightwad said...

When you write down what you'll be doing more of - knitting, baking, veggie growing etc. it sounds so idyllic and simple - that's the key to life - keep it simple. Works for me! It's not about what you earn, it's about spending what you have wisely. xxx

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what great things you'll be doing! Bloggy friends are always an encouragement to me too. YAY for blogland! :) xx

Pom Pom said...

Hooray! I'll be cheering you on, Jayne!

Jayne said...

Thank you so much you lovely people!

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