Sunday, 15 January 2012

Braised Chicken Chasseur

I had a new recipe book of slow-cooking recipes from youngest son for Christmas, so I've been trying out some of the recipes.

The other day I tried Braised chicken chasseur.

It is supposed to take 1 3/4 hours and serves four, but I like to use my slow cooker and let it simmer for a looooong time, and I always cook up a double amount to save time on another day.

The ingredients stated in the book are:-

4 chicken legs (I used 8 chicken breasts)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 onions thickly sliced
250g/9 oz mushrooms
1 tbsp tomato puree
300 ml/half pint white wine
400g can chicken connsomme, or stock (I used good old oxo cubes)
3-4 fresh tomatoes, quartered

This Tesco market value vegetable stir fry is one of my kitchen allies.  It's fairly cheap, and I use it in heaps of things, sometimes I even use it in a stir-fry!  On their own, I don't find frozen veg to be great, but the secret is to combine them with fresh veggies, and then you really cannot tell the difference between the fresh and the frozen veg.

First I browned the chicken and popped it in the slow cooker.

Next I browned the onions, along with the mushrooms and some dried apricots and sultanas I happened to have in the cupboard.  I usually start off with a recipe as a guide, then I add whatever I fancy to make a concoction.  I also added carrots because I had a few that needed to be used up.

Then it was all popped into the big 6.5 ltr slow cooker.  Can you see his little brother alongside?  He only cost £9 from Tesco's a few months ago, and it is so handy for smaller meals, soups, sides or desserts.

And here is the finished result, with the fresh tomatoes added a few minutes before serving.  It was delicious!

And here are some of my recipe books, I love to flick through them and plan meals, although I often make meals up as I go along too, especially at the end of the week, when I have an odd assortment of foodstuffs to use up!


Mum said...

I, too, read recipes and then add or take a few items depending on what I've got to hand. Your meal looks delish.
Love from Mum

Elizabethd said...

I think that sounds delicious!

Susan B said...

That looks like a delicious recipe! I love to use my slow cooker too, and use it several times a week.

I hope you've enjoyed a nice weekend! :)

Pom Pom said...

That lovely dish looks perfect for winter snugness!
Don't you adore your slow cooker? Mine is thirty + years old and I still admire it!

magsmcc said...

Hello! I am visiting via Pom Pom's blog in the very week where I am seeking inspiration on the slow-cooking front! I bought one in Sainsbury's sale last month and have only used it once, so thank-you for this!

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