Monday, 2 January 2012

A Sunny Walk

Today, was sunny, so Mr LFH, our two sons and I ventured out on a walk around Draycote Water, a local reservoir, which has a 5 mile perimeter track.  It took us 2 hours to walk the 5 miles, but that included stopping to take pics, as well as bumping into a whole bunch of our friends, with lots of hugs all round!

Draycote Water is 6 km south of Rugby in Warwickshire, in the village of Dunchurch, and is owned and operated by Severn Trent Water, to supply drinking water to Rugby.  It covers more than 600 acres, and holds up to 5,000 million imperial gallons of water.  It is by far the largest expanse of water in landlocked Warwickshire, so it almost feels like a walk along the coastline.

We stopped off a little way around to see the alpacas.  The alpaca farm is in a village called Toft, and these woolly beauties have a lovely view while they graze.  You can buy their wool to knit here.

More alpacas.

The sky and the water were really blue, amazing for January.

Here are the boys, wondering which way to go next, while I look on.  Do you like my new coat?  It's lovely and warm.

These were the views of the Warwickshire countryside we enjoyed along the water's edge.

Only one sailing boat braved the water today.

After leaving the reservoir, we had a little wander around the village of Dunchurch, and enjoyed seeing these quaint thatched cottages.

Here is the 14th century church of St Peters, Dunchurch.

I remembered to wear my pedometer, and was pleased to see that by the end of the walk I had clocked up 12,541 steps.  I've just looked at it again and it currently stands at over 13,000 steps.  I am feeling very pleased with myself!

It's been a great day.  I'd like to come back here again soon, as part of my plan to walk a lot more.  

This evening we had the rest of the veggie curry.  It's DH's last day of holiday, so I lit lots of candles on the dining table, and played Eva Cassidy while we ate.  Now we're sitting down and relaxing our tired feet!  
Bye for now.


Pom Pom said...

Hi Jayne!
What a fascinating walk! I enjoyed the pictures.
I still haven't located my pedometer. I'm going to go find it right now because now that the ice is out of the air, I shall walk.
Have a great week!

Mrs No Spend said...

hi I enjoyed all your lovely pictures.
The reservoir looks lovely. Days when the sky is blue & the sun is out is too good an oppertunity not to miss. Well done with the all the steps over 10,000 that is super. All those cottages makes me want to live in one

Jayne said...

Pom Pom - I hope you find your pedometer, it's a good motivational tool! Glad the weather is getting better for you.

Mrs NS - I'd love to live in a cottage too! They are sweet aren't they!

Thank you for your lovely comments! I'd love to hear from any other readers!

Jane and Chris said...

A blast from the past for me...Draycote water circa 1978/9.. watching the Sea Cadet regatta...thanks!!
Jane x

blueberry hill said...

Lovely to find your blog this evening - especially as we are in Warwickshire too! Your pictures are great and I was pleased to see the alpacas - we will look them up I hope. Anne

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