Saturday, 22 January 2011

Time at home.

Yesterday, I didn't need to go into work until the afternoon, so I enjoyed a little pottering time, cleaning things and polishing, and rearranging, all very satisfying.

I started in the kitchen, wiping down to the strains of Classic FM.

Then I gave my latest purchase a quick rub to make it shine!

Do you like my Wedgewood bud vases?!  The one on the left was a Christmas present from a friend about 30 years ago.  The one on the right was recently bought from a charity shop for 99p.  I thought they would look good together, and the price was a bargain for Wedgewood.  If I pull out a little, you will spot yet another bookcase in my rather bookish home!

Then I plumped up my cushions.  I crocheted this cover just before Christmas, with some help from the Attic 24 blog.

This is the back of it.

The buttons are very old ones from my mother-in-law's button box that was passed on to me when she died.

I was also given all her knitting needles and crochet hooks, as well as a lovely knitting bag.  I use them all regularly and think of her when I do.  She would have liked to know they were being well used.

When I got to work, we had a meeting, which meant a rare opportunity to meet up with some of my colleagues, as we all work in different places.  It was lovely to catch up with everybody and have a chat/moan/laugh about work!

After a spot of shopping I came home to a lovely sunset.  This was the view from my attic.  A colourful end to a happy day.



Pom Pom said...

Hi Jayne! It sounds like the perfect day! Don't you love piles and piles, stacks and stacks of books? Delicious. Oh! Your crochet is gorgeous!

Joanne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! I am glad that it did you good.
I love this homey post! I love your kitchen sink with the flowers, your teea mugs in the dish rack, your
Wedgewood bud vases and your lovely crocheted pillows.
The sunset is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing a lovely day!
Joanne at Seasonal Hearth

Susan B said...

Hi Jayne,
It sounds like you had a lovely day. I also love to clean, polish and rearrange things in my home. Your Wedgewood vases are very pretty, and so is your crocheted pillow. And I love that photo of the sunset...just beautiful! I hope you have a blessed Sunday. :)

Gumbo Lily said...

I like your cushion! How talented you are!


Fixing My Thoughts said...

Wonderful crocheted pillow cover! You gals are really inspiring me to crochet some granny squares. Your kitchen sink area looks very pleasant, and that was truly a beautiful sunset. Glad you had some time to potter. We need that! Enjoy your Sunday! Bess

Melissa P said...

Your crocheted pillow is wonderful! Lucy is such an inspiration to me too--all that color and seemingly eternal optimism.

I hope you are finding more creative time in your weekend.

Anonymous said...

A perfect day indeed! Love your crochet, so homely and comforting. xx

Jayne said...

Oh my goodness! I am completely overwhelmed by so many kind words and such encouragement. Thank you so much my friends, this is such a lovely community isn't it, where we can freely write about things that interest us and find kindred spirits xxx

Luke said...

I'll never be bored of those sunsets Mum. I love reading your blog; it's the virtual equivalent of sitting by a cosy fire!

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

love your cosy home and your beautiful cushion cover xxx

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