Sunday, 16 January 2011


If you are lacking in determination in any area of your life today, this video may give you the motivation to do something.  I have never really done much quilting before, but after watching this video I feel determined to have a go!

Isn't she amazing?!  Today I went out with one of my old students, who is also blind, who managed to follow up getting a good degree with holding down a good job.  She is an inspiration to me, not only because is she full of determination, but also because she also manages to be cheerful, and to have a sense of humour, whatever else is going on around her, and whatever challenges she faces.  It was really good to catch up with her.  I know she will follow her dreams.

I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables (as well as trekking through Middlemarch!) which is by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I read about her books at Lanier's Books.  This is a marvellous blog if you are at all interested in old books.  Lanier writes a good review of L M Mongomery here.  While researching Montgomery, I came across this lovely poem, ideal for a restful Sunday.

Come, Rest Awhile

Come, rest awhile, and let us idly stray,
In glimmering valleys, cool and far away.

Come from the greedy mart, the troubled street,
And listen to the music, faint and sweet.

That echoes ever to a listening ear,
Unheard by those who will not pause to hear

The wayward chimes of memory's pensive bells,
Wind blown o'er misty hills and curtained dells.

One step aside and dewy buds unclose
The sweetness of the violet and the rose;

Song and romance still linger in the green,
Enblossomed ways by you so seldom seen.

And near at hand, would you but see them, lie
All lovely things beloved in days gone by.

You have forgotten what it is to smile
In your too busy life, come, rest awhile.

Lucy Maud Montgomery.

May you have a restful day, whatever you do, wherever you go and whoever you are with, may you rest well, inside and out, on this peacefull January Sunday, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Wow, she is amazing! And what a great outlook and attitude too! I sent the video to my Mum and daughter to inspire them too. Thank you. xxx

Jayne said...

Thank you Tina, it's my first attempt at including a video, so I'm really glad it worked! I'm thinking of taking a quilting course now! xx

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

hello Jayne

fraise lachrymose is the blog of my friend mags and i promise you her Wind in the Willows event is going to be lots of fun - it already is having started today
do feel free to participate or just read and enjoy.
your post today is wonderful and very inspiring indeed. i once had a couple of works (unfortunately they were stollen) by a blind Australian painter, they were very textured and utterly amazing.

wishing you a happy week ahead


how odd: the word verification reads 'manic' i wonder if that is a reference to Mr. Toad ? curious.

Jayne said...

Thank you Millie, I'll keep reading Fraise Lachrymose - it looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was amazing! Thanks for sharing this encouragement and the poem too!

Blessings, Jayne!

Joanne said...

Beautiful thoughts!
Thank you for sharing that lovely and inspiring video and poem.

Jayne said...

Thank you Sharon and Joanne for your kind words xx

Fixing My Thoughts said...

That was a truly inspiring video and lady! Such a lovely attitude, too. I just began reading the Anne of Green Gables books in the last year or two, and I absolutely adore them! Still have four to go of the eight, so lots of good reading to look forward to. LMM's use of the English language is so beautiful. Enjoyed Lanier's review and heartily agree! Thanks for a great post! Bess

Susan B said...

That woman is amazing, and an inspiration! Thank you for sharing about her. Best wishes for your quilting!

I haven't read any of the 'Anne' books, but I love the 'Anne of Green Gables' movies. Enjoy the book! :)

Jayne said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I didn't know there were EIGHT Anne of Green Gables books, I've only got three, so I'll have to somehow hunt the rest of them down! xxxxxxxxxxx

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