Wednesday 4 July 2012

Help! Rain!

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We are planning to go to Keswick in a few days' time, and the weather forecast is not looking at all good at the moment.

Any ideas for rainy day activities will be gratefully received!

Meanwhile I am baking cakes and cooking up some casseroles which I will freeze and take along with us, so we can have something nice and hot when we get there.

I made some lemon drizzle cakes for the holiday yesterday, using a different recipe to my usual one.  They sunk dramatically, but hopefully they will taste just as good as ever!

We had dramatic rain in the Midlands last Thursday, which was so bad that even Tesco's had to close due to flooding.  We thought we had got off lightly, until days later when I went into the garage and saw a big lake in there!  Mr LFH had to bail it all out, the ground has almost dried out now.  A bit of sunshine would be very welcome any time now!


Pom Pom said...

I wish I could send you some sunshine. We need some of that rain!
You're time away sounds fun and cozy!

magsmcc said...

I'm trying to make a stars and stipes cake for our themed night at crochet night tonight! No stars and stripes actuially, just lots of strawberries and blueberries atop cream! Last time we were in Keswick was a few years ago with very small boys. We were camoing. This lasted three nights, nd on resurrection morning I declared that we could pack up and go home, pack up and head further South (where there was flooding) or pack up and investigate availability of holiday housing at theat gorgeous little tourist office in the centre. Prince Charming agreed to Option C! So we ended up just down the street from the convention centre, where we spent one rainy Sunday morning because it was exactly this time of year! Also fabulous were the Beatrix Potter interpretive centre, and her cottage itself. Boys liked the aquarium too. Lunch in the big Lakeland shop is very good, but very busy. I have very, very fond memories of that trip, despite the weather! Bon voyage!

Jayne said...

Pom Pom - I will swap weather systems with you any time you wish!

mags - thank you for the ideas, hope the cake was an outstanding success, sounds amazing.

I've baked and casseroled and laundered and shopped, just need to pack now - I really do not like packing, and always put it off till the last moment!

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