Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Fresh Start

I've been reading some of my favourite blogs, and a theme that emerges is one of a fresh start.  We are not quite at the start of a new year yet, but Christmas is behind us, we've eaten far too much (oops!), and the promise of  a new year beckons.

Tina at The Quiet Home says "Roll on spring as far as I am concerned!", while Lucy is breathing a sigh of relief that Christmas is all over for another year!

I am already thinking about things I would like to do or achieve in 2012.  Last year I grew a few vegetables for the first time.  I am already collecting yoghurt pots, ice-cream tubs etc. to sow seeds early in the spring.  Also, having a new granddaughter called Poppy, I would like to sow some different types of poppy seeds, in her honour!

I would like to start walking more in my local area, and I have borrowed an OS Explorer map of my area from the library, in order to find local footpaths. I've also discovered bikehike where I can plot my route, and it will tell me exactly how many miles I have walked.  Today I walked around some lovely green spaces in London with my daughter.  She went on Bikehike afterwards and discovered we had walked for almost 4 miles!  So I have already begun my walking project.

Another project for next year is to live more frugally, and to decrease my carbon footprint.  There are wonderful blogs, such as Life After Money and The Frugal Queen that inspire me in this direction.  By spending less, I hope to be able to be more generous to others.

Overarching all of these thoughts is the hope and expectation of spending a new year with our Lord, who is "the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8).  We constantly need new starts and plans, because we are fallible creatures, who stumble and fall, and need to pick ourselves up again, time after time, but our Lord Jesus has no such need of a fresh start, and yet our need is to ask Him to change us, and to make us more like Him, our wonderful Example and Friend.  I am so thankful that when the doors of 2012 swing open, I will confidently walk through them holding His nail-pierced hand.


Pom Pom said...

It is a good feeling, the new beginnings of the coming year. I am craving flowers though. Every time I go to the grocery store and look at the bouquets, I become VERY frugal and come home with nothing!
Poppy is SUCH a sweet name. I think you should definitely plant miles of poppies!
Great post, Jayne!

Jane and Chris said...

Hubby and I were discussing new plans today, nothing grand or extreme, but little things to help us on our frugal/simple way.
Jane x

Jayne said...

Thanks Pom Pom, yes flowers are my weakness too! But hopefully, by sowing seeds I will have lots of flowers AND save money, but of course I need to wait for them to grow!!! Loving your wonderful blog, you are full of fun x

Jayne said...

Jane and Chris, I am very intrigued now! If you can pass on any of your plans, that will help us all, we wait in eager expectation! Have you visited family in Coventry and now gone back home? x

Jane and Chris said...

Jayne, yes, I returned mid November.
Jane x

Jayne said...

Amazing to think you were back in my little corner of England Jane and Chris!

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