Monday, 28 February 2011

Resting in Him

Just taking some time out for a breather today.  Feeling a little under the weather, so enjoying a looong lie in bed for a while!

Enjoying reading through some of the many words I write in my journal.  My journal is an A4 size page a day diary.  As I read through my Bible, I write down any verses that are particularly relevant to me that day. 

 Psalm 80 v 3 and 18 - "Restore us, O God, Cause Your face to shine, and we shall be saved!...Revive us, and we will call upon Your Name."

And I've been reading a little of Amy Carmichael - "Sometimes in prayer, it is difficult to find the words.  Often our Lord Jesus turned Bible words into prayer.  The Psalms were the prayer book of the Early Church.  It is ours still.  We cannot ever fathom the depths of this book."

Bishop Moule said that a hymn book was a good prayer book too.  They offer words to us when we have none of our own.

I am very grateful today that daily God restores us.  Nothing is impossible for Him. 

Isaiah 26 v 3-4  "You will keep him in PERFECT PEACE,
Whose MIND is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.
Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah is EVERLASTING STRENGTH!!!"

I am feeling better already, I have read and prayed and thought and learned and blogged my way out of feeling 'under the weather', and ready to get up now and start that casserole that's waiting for my attention.  I work all day on Tuesdays to Thursdays, and sometimes part of Mondays and Fridays too, so I have got into a good habit of filling my slow cooker with good things on my home days, so I have something home-made to heat up when I am busy.  Tomorrow night, when I walk in the front door at around 6.30 pm, I'll be very glad that casserole is there!

Be encouraged, be strengthened, accept the perfect peace of God today my friend.


Elizabethd said...

Continue to recuperate...slowly and carefully.

Jayne said...

Thank you Elizabeth. I've got a long day at work tomorrow, but I will do my best to take it easy, honest! Thank you so much for your kind concern x

Pom Pom said...

Hi Jayne! I'm glad you stayed in bed and let your soul feast on His Word! Don't you think that crock pot meals are a very good way to treat ourselves gently? You reminded me.

gail said...

Hello Jayne,
I also really find my slow cooker so good. We have my elderly mother in law staying with us 2 weeks in six and she has trouble with food that is hard to chew. The meat falls apart so nicely when cooked in the slow cooker and she really appreciates the effort I put into preparing it for her.
Glad to hear you were feeling better after a good rest.
Blessings Gail

Anonymous said...

Lovely restful post, and full of truth. Continue to get well again, and enjoy those lovely stews. xx

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Hope you feel better, Jayne. I've always been impressed with the moving words in hymns, too. And I agree about praying the Psalms. They are so helpful and applicable to our lives. FYI, I mention you (and a few others) in my latest post. Bess

Jayne said...

Thank you everyone, and thank you for giving me a mention, pom pom and Fixing My Thoughts. It's so great to know you are all out there, and that we are all rooting for each other. We need each other's stories don't we, and we need to keep it real.

tearyeyedangel said...

This is so true. God gives us rest. And the Psalms sometimes help me when I am stuck for words.

Anonymous said...

Jayne, I'm thinking of you today and hoping all is well with you and yours. Bess

*✿*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*✿* said...

thank you for sharing these beautiful words, dear Jayne

i do hope you are feeling better now. hopefully now that the spring sun is shining your spirits and energy will be lifted, i will include you in my prayers.

warmest wishes


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